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Over the years painting has become a personal journey of discovery for me. For a long time I took a sort of ‘trial and error’ approach to painting. I would see artwork that struck a chord with me and subsequently attempt to recreate the essence of these works in my own paintings. I was never happy with the results though and always felt frustrated that I hadn’t found my own ‘voice’. Eventually, I realised that someone else’s view of the world is exactly that; someone else’s view of the world! My intention is therefore to look and think carefully about what ‘I’ see and ensure that I capture this in my painting. I want my paintings to tell the truth. For that reason I rarely paint from photographs anymore. I want my paintings to be a response to the landscape in front of me, not a painting of a photograph. We all see the world differently, but maybe in my paintings you’ll see something that resonates with you too.

My paintings

A studio version of my Plein air painting ‘Shaded Pool’. Oil on canvas. Private collection.

Farm at Maurand – oil on board. Painted en plein air. Private collection.

Anna – oil on board. Private collection

Frozen path – oil on board. Private collection.

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